Future Energy Alliance (FEA) Hub

Energy Projects for local supply & export

FEA Hub is a Head/Umbrella company to sponsor, coordinate, and market exports for local energy suppliers.
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Product-Market-Customer, market size, long term growth potential, subsidies, capital intensity, project finance, time to free CF, capex & opex, DCF economics, technology scale-up risk, EPC, commissioning & startup, product logistics.

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Capex & Opex buildups, Equity investors, lenders, subsidies, fundamental economics (IRR-ROE), payout, coverage ratios, technology agreements & guarantees, project finance, exit strategy.

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Capex-Opex tradeoff, “sweet spot” optimal design vs. fit-for-purpose , availability & run rate, product quality specs to meet or exceed customer reqs, sales contracts, performance guarantees and LD’s.

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Key staffing, training, startup & shutdown procedures, sparing, preventative maintenance, product testing & off-spec handling, internal business goal communicaiton

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FEA Hub is the development entity, while FEA Fibre exports fuel. For the export marketing affiliate hit this …

local energy to serve local needs, with excess for export

build on what's available
Hybrid Projects: Biomass + Solar Power

Local, sustainable hybrid biomass fuel/solar for power generation, cooking, and seasonal heating.

The FEA Hub Leadership Team

REAL Experience in Africa, in Development, in Energy, and in Marketing Biomass Fuels

larry weick

Managing Member – U.S.
Engineer, BD, Finance, Serial Entrepreneur. Power, Oil & Gas, Clean Fuels, Renewables, Forestry, Ag. Worldwide experience, multiple startups, public company CFO. BS Elec Engr Nebraska, MS Engineering Stanford. Worked at Zilkha, Syntroleum, CSW Energy (AEP), and ARCO (BP). Consultant to US and Canadian top management. Multiple patents.

Russell Hay

Managing Member – U.K.
Businessman, Distinguished career in Africa with leadership experience in business, politics, and business development. Capital raising and business formation.
Chief Engineer/Technical Advisor – Canada
Canadian-based senior engineering executive coupled with a business development background and roots in Africa. Multiple successful designs involving biomass power generation systems currently running in Canada.

a practical approach to sustainable energy for The Americas, Asia, Africa

Build on Experience, Use Local Resources, Serve Local Needs, and Export

The team have collective experience in Africa in rural development, rural electrification, capital raising, and business formation.

FEA Hub and FEA Fibre, Since 2015